Here I Stand

Martin Luther gave us a great model of being so behind what we are for that no one has to question what we are against.
July 12, 2023

Martin Luther is most credited with beginning the Reformation when he nailed 95 Theses to church doors in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517. This document would help to sanctify the church in the coming years. As you might imagine, the leaders in the church and government were not thrilled with Luther’s Theses. So much so that the young Martin Luther was called to stand before the Roman Emperor in 1521. Luther had been brought to the Diet of Worms (A meeting in the City of Worms) and was ordered to recant and fall in line with the empire. Instead, Luther stated these words,

I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God.”

Luther stood for biblical truth. He stood for the integrity of Scripture and the integrity of the church. When you think of Luther today, you most likely think of the 95 Theses. Those 95 Theses to begin the reformation set a catalyst for the 5 Solas that are known today.

Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone)
Sola Fide (Faith Alone)
Sola Gratia (Grace Alone)
Solus Christus (Christ Alone)
Soli Deo Gloria (For the Glory of God Alone)

In these 5 Solas, the reformers stated what they were all about. There was no need for them to state what they were against. What they were for made it overtly clear what they were against. Our culture today is focused on sharing what we are against, but rarely do we properly articulate what we are for. In fact, we so overtly discuss what we are against that many do not believe we are for anything at all, but we disagree with all that we can. As Christians, when we stand for truth in grace to the glory of God, people will neither have to wonder what we are for or against. Because they will be convinced that we believe what we say we believe. 

In a world that is constantly asking us to compromise, we would be best served to follow these 5 Solas in our own life. What are ways that you can work on focusing on one of these in your spiritual life? Like David before Nebbuchenezzer, Daniel at the threat of lions, Stephen before being stoned, and Paul before Agrippa, may we have the resolve to stand for Christ in all circumstances in our lives.