Fear Not – You Are Favored By God

God graced Mary so she could carry Jesus in her womb, and she was willing to follow His plan no matter the cost. The favor of the known God should also diminish the fear of unknown circumstances in our lives.

December 11, 2022

Sermon Notes

Mary’s Situation

  • God’s call upon a young woman from a podunk town reminds us that He specializes in using the unpredictable (1:26-27).
  • To be favored by God means that He has bestowed His grace (χάρις) upon the individual (1:28-30).
  • She is to name God’s Son, Jesus, which means “Yahweh Is Salvation” (1:31).
  • Jesus is to take the throne of David among the people of Israel, yet His reign will have no end (1:32-33).
  • Gabriel doesn’t rebuke Mary’s question because she sought clarification, not confirmation (1:34).
  • Gabriel informs that the birth of God the Son will come through the power of God the Father and the work of God the Spirit (1:35).
  • The existence of God removes the realm of impossibility among us (1:36-37).
  • Mary surrendered her previously planned agenda to God’s sovereign plans (1:38).

Our Application

  • Accepting God’s plan for your life might usher in humiliation and isolation.
  • Fear disobedience to God more than the disapproval of others.
  • God’s initiation is always due to His grace and not our works.
  • If you have received favor from God, there should be no end to your eager willingness to His plans.