Grow and Go [Summer Schedule]

We are excited to share with your our summer plan to grow and go as...
May 9, 2017

We are excited to share with your our summer plan to grow and go as a church family.

In Jonah, we learned about how we need to think and live on mission in our community.

In Titus, we learned about how we need multigenerational relationships to keep us grounded in doctrine and unified in the Body.

As a result of these biblical truths, we want to take the unique opportunity of the summer months to do something unique as a church but to do it together.  All ages, backgrounds, and skill sets uniting together to grow in the gospel and to go with the gospel.

During the summer months, we are going to use Sunday nights at 6PM to grow in our knowledge of the gospel and Wednesday nights at 6:30PM to go and share the gospel and serve our community.  Here’s how it will work.

Sundays in the Summer // 6PM

We will gather in the fellowship hall to go through some interactive training sessions on how to share the gospel.  This course will be helpful for all ages grow in their understanding of the gospel in order to test oneself (2 Cor. 13:5) and also to share others (1 Thess. 2:8).

Wednesdays in the Summer // 6:30PM

We will gather in the fellowship hall to be sent out with different mission and service teams.  Since everyone has a different set of skills, passions, and degree of mobility, we are going to have teams that anyone of any age can join.  We will have teams that will do backyard Bible club teams, outreach teams, senior adult ministry teams, mission partnership teams, construction and remodel teams, and many more.  Some teams will be making calls, writing cards, painting walls, cleaning up, reaching out, sharing with, singing for, and so many other opportunities.  The entire family will have some way that they can serve or share.

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Get Ready

Through these discipleship relationships, we pray that these events and opportunities will serve as a catalyst to encourage a lifestyle!

Our prayer is that we can grow together in the gospel and go together with the gospel.

What a wonderful thought to think that our children, teenagers, college students, adults, and senior adults could grow and go together this summer – not isolated from one another but united with one another.  We can’t wait to grow and go alongside you!