Psalm 23 – June 18

Psalm 23 – June 18
Psalm 23 – June 18

Psalm 23 – June 18


Read the passages this week and think about these questions

Psalm 23

1 Samuel 17:1-58

John 10:1-18


How did David’s experience as a shepherd help him relate to God? What did David learn about God from his being a shepherd?

What does this Psalm teach us about God?    

Can you give a one word description of God or what He does for us for each phrase/sentence in Psalm 23?

Does Psalm 23:6 describe the desire of your life?

Because Jesus is the “good shepherd”, how should I respond to him?

Read Psalm 23 and say your name in place of the 1st person pronouns. How does this encourage you?

Can you memorize Psalm 23 this week?