The Word Reading Plan [Week 9]

The Word Reading Plan [Week 9]


The Word Bible reading plan is a chronological 100-day guide that focuses on 50 pivotal Old Testament readings and 50 pivotal New Testament readings. 

As we go through “The Word” series, our Sunday sermons will focus on the passage for that day.  During the week, our church will be reading through the rest of the passages to gain a fuller understanding of the grand narrative of Scripture. In addition, we have a Bible study for adults and students on Wednesdays to go along with the study.

  • 57. Oct. 15: Sermon on the Mount – Matt. 5:1-48
  • 58. Oct. 16: Sermon on the Mount (cont.) – Matt. 6:1-34; Matt. 7:1-29
  • 59. Oct. 17: For God so Loved – John 3:1-36
  • 60. Oct. 18: Parables of the Kingdom – Matt. 13:1-58
  • 61. Oct. 19: Bread of Life – Matt. 14:1-36; John 6:22-71
  • 62. Oct. 20: Parables of the Lost – Luke 15:1-32
  • 63. Oct. 21: Triumphal Entry – Matt. 21:1-46

We will make weekly posts for reminders of the Bible reading on our site and app, you can download a printed booklet of The Word Bible Reading Plan Handout, or you can see the entire plan below.