Willing Hearts

Whether you are a member or a guest of Rocky Creek, we want to keep...
August 4, 2018

Whether you are a member or a guest of Rocky Creek, we want to keep you informed during this time of transition in the Fall of 2018. Rocky Creek continues to celebrate spiritual and numerical growth, and the church must provide space for current growth and plan now for continued growth in the future. As we look forward to our future, here are some helpful pieces of information to keep you informed and equipped.

In order to provide the capacity to make more disciples, Rocky Creek currently needs these three things:

  1. Open Doors,
  2. Empty Chairs, &
  3. Willing Hearts.

Let’s unpack what it means to have willing hearts.

Willing Hearts

None of this can happen without willing hearts who are eager to see this city changed by the gospel and transformation multiplied through discipleship. Will we be willing to make some adjustments in our efforts to go forward? Pastor Travis has asked these questions of our church in recent months:

  • Do you want to see more people transformed by the gospel?
  • Do you want to see more disciples making disciples?
  • Do you want to see our church continue legitimate Kingdom growth?
  • Do you want all of that to happen without it messing up your schedule?

If we are honest, we all answer “yes” to every single one of those questions. We all want to see lives changed but prefer to do it without our schedules changed. It’s kind of difficult to figure it all out. None of us like change, but these are very good problems to have, and we appreciate your flexibility as we go forward.

While many of you serve in one or many capacities, we have a simple solution to shore up much of our scheduling issues at the church:

Would you find 1 hour to join in worship, connect with a group, and serve in a ministry?

If every person in this church would find the margin for those 3 hours, most of our scheduling issues are remedied.

  1. Decide which hour to worship on Sunday morning.
  2. Commit to either a group or a ministry team on a Sunday morning.
  3. Commit to either a group or a ministry team at another hour during the week.

While we have groups and ministries that meet all throughout the week, most of our opportunities are built around prime time on the church calendar to make it easy for all ages and all family situations. If you look at the chart below, you really have at least 4 options to select 3 priorities. Where will you WORSHIP, DISCIPLE, and SERVE?

We promise we won’t make changes just for changes’ sake. Coming up with this strategy has taken many prayers and many hours thinking through how to lead this church well during this time.

Honestly, we hope this won’t be the last change we have to make. We hope God continues to send people our way to disciple. Let’s keep moving forward!