Estate Planning With BFSC

Estate Planning With BFSC


You heard at Waypoint on January 26 how the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina can help you with Estate Planning.

If you are willing to leave 10% of the charitable portion of your will to a Southern Baptist cause, such as Rocky Creek, a school, or missions, then the Baptist Foundation will help you prepare your estate plan.

This means that part of your estate (determined by you) will be left to charitable groups and at least 10% of this charitable giving is to a Southern Baptist cause. For example, if your house, life insurance, retirement savings, cash, and property are all worth $100,000, that is your total estate. If you prayerfully decide to give 15% ($15,000) of that amount to charity and 10% ($1500) of the charitable portion to Rocky Creek, then the Baptist Foundation will provide you with an estate planner that will talk you through the process of how you want your will to be set up. They will help draw up the paperwork that will be needed to take to an attorney.

Once you receive the information regarding your will, you will need to take it to a local attorney to finalize everything, and you will be responsible for the local attorney fees. If you do not have a specific attorney you would like to work with, the Baptist Foundation has several recommendations.

The Baptist Foundation is not giving you a free will, but they are helping to reduce the attorney fees by helping reduce the amount of time you spend with a local attorney.

If you are interested in receiving more information about estate planning, please register, and we will put you in contact with the appropriate people.