Safeguarding Possessions

Exodus 20:15 – The eighth commandment discouraged the practice of stealing. If we trust God for what we need and work diligently to provide for those around us, we will never need to take what belongs to another.

August 6, 2023

Sermon Notes


  • The commandment regarding stealing forbids taking anything that doesn’t belong to you.
  • The first sin was stealing something off limits, and every sin after seeks to apprehend something forbidden.
  • These former slaves had no need to steal since God had so abundantly provided.
  • God’s generosity and your giftings are His way of taking care of you.
  • Robbing another indicates a belief that your worth is superior and your need is greater.



  • Beware how discontentment regarding finances and possessions can lead you to justify unwise decisions.
  • If you get a job and work in a God-honoring way, you should have no reason to steal (cf. Eph. 4:28).
  • Don’t rob God by neglecting to give financially to His purposes (cf. Mal. 3:8).
  • Don’t rob your family by squandering finances that could bless them (cf. Prov. 13:22).
  • Don’t rob your workplace by allowing distractions to waste their investment (cf. Prov. 18:9).
  • Following Jesus should imply that we are free to be givers rather than enslaved to be takers