Say Hello to Our New Signage

Say Hello to Our New Signage


When you arrive at church this Sunday, you’ll notice new directional signage throughout our campus. This new signage was part of our Forward campaign and we are so excited to have it installed and we hope it makes it easier for members and guests to make their way through Rocky Creek.

You’ll see a variety of new signs that indicates room numbers and locations. You’ll also see updated maps on some of the walls and on stands. One of the biggest changes during this process that we’ve introduced is cardinal signage.

To help make it easy to navigate through our campus we’ve split up our building into North, East, West, and South wings. While this may appear confusing at first glance, it actually makes it easier to give directions to various places on campus. For example, if you’re trying to point a family to the Children’s wing you might tell them it is located in the North Wing on Level 3. That family will then follow signs for North. As they get further into our campus, they will see a sign to get them to Level 3 and then lastly, the Children’s wing. Their trip to the Children’s wing may look something like this:

We hope you find the new signage helpful as you find your way in our church. In a few weeks, the outside signage will also reflect these changes. All of this has been done for the ease of inviting your friends to church and providing them an easy way to find where they need to get to. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our staff.