Church Center App

We have a Rocky Creek App and church website (, which are useful for obtaining...
December 13, 2019

We have a Rocky Creek App and church website (, which are useful for obtaining information.  However, if you would like to interact with certain information in order to GIVE online, register for EVENTS, or stay connected to your GROUP, we suggest you download the Church Center App or use the Church Center website (  The Church Center App and website can be accessed through the Rocky Creek App and website, but you can also access them directly on your phone or computer.

Once you set up an account, Church Center will now also allow you to update your personal information.  This editing option allows household adults to edit the profile information of all other household members—both adults and children.  So if a family member’s medical notes need editing, any of the household adults can easily hop on their phone and update it. While they’re there, they can also update contact information—email, phone, address—or fill out any empty birthday or grade fields.

The one thing they can’t do is edit birthday or grade once those fields are filled.  So, if you need help with a birthday or grade please contact the church office.  As far as editing information on you phone, pull up Church Center App.  In top right corner there should a “picture” of you.  Click that picture and it should take you to a screen with My Stuff, Payment Methods, and My Household.  Click on the My Household circles and choose the person you want to view.  Edit their info as needed.

We encourage you to visit the Church Center App and choose Rocky Creek as your church to stay updated with what God is doing and how you can join Him in 2020.