Connect Through Church Center

One of the goals for Rocky Creek in 2020 is to provide members with tools...
March 1, 2020

One of the goals for Rocky Creek in 2020 is to provide members with tools to better connect.  We wanted to have a way for members of groups and service teams to stay connected.

That is where Church Center and the RC App and RC website ( come in.  The RC App and church website are useful for obtaining information.  However, if you would like to interact with certain information in order to GIVE online, register for EVENTS, or stay connected to your GROUP, we suggest you download the Church Center App to your phone or use the Church Center website (

Once you set up an account, Church Center will allow you to update your personal information.  This editing option allows household adults to edit the profile information of all other household members—both adults and children.  So, if a family member’s medical notes need editing, any of the household adults can easily hop on their phone and update it. While they’re there, they can also update contact information—email, phone, address—or fill out any empty birthday or grade fields.

From the Church Center website or app you can GIVE your tax deductible gift to Rocky Creek.  With Church Center you are able to give your tithe and offering, a donation to missions, or contribute to the building fund.  This can be set up as a one-time gift or a recurring gift.  Click here for more information about how to GIVE.

For non-tax deductible payments, such as a Bible Study book, camp, or retreat, you will use EVENTS to take you to the registration page.    EVENTS allows you to see what is on the calendar and how you can register for it.  Please note that the RC App and website has a complete list of upcoming events (ones that need a registration and the ones that do not).

GROUPS allows you to look at all the “groups” of which you are a part.  You can see the upcoming events for your group.  You can see the other members of your group, along with their contact information.  And you can view any resources that were shared with the group.  For example, if your Gospel Group leader wanted to share a list of the miracles of Jesus or a map of Paul’s missionary journey, the list or map could be added to resources.  Then everyone in the group is able to view it on their own.  Even if you were absent from the group you would be able to view it later.

We encourage you to take advantage of these ways to connect with others.  Download the Church Center App or visit and choose Rocky Creek as your church to stay updated with what God is doing and how you can join Him in 2020.