Sunday’s Plans for Rocky Creek

CURRENT STATUS – SATURDAY, MARCH 14TH Dear Church Family, As we continue to monitor the...
March 14, 2020


Dear Church Family,

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to write that we are going to open our doors for worship and groups this Sunday. With that news, I do want to provide a few things that will be different if you choose to join us:

  1. If you are showing any signs of sickness, please refrain from coming. Out of respect for others, please watch the service online and get well soon.
  2. Please wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to bring your Bible and some Germ-X to church on Sunday and use both of them well.
  3. Consider your age and respiratory system as you make your decision. It appears that the COVID-19 is endangering senior adults with respiratory issues. Most others can bounce back. Do not make any decision that endangers you.
  4. We have deep-cleaned our buildings. Working with our janitorial services, they have done due diligence in using extreme care in cleaning our buildings.
  5. We will not pass the offering plates. Our ushers will stand at the exits as you leave with the offering plates so you can contribute, but we will not pass them during services. Remember whether you are present or not, you can always give online. We encourage you to continue giving during this time so that it does not hinder the ministry of the church, especially in a time like this.
  6. Allow the greeters to be the ones opening all main doors. To keep a low-level of touches, our greeters will be stationed at all entrances. Allow them to open and close those doors for you.
  7. We have overflow rooms available throughout the campus. If you would prefer to be on campus but have a little more space, feel free to utilize the overflow spaces.
  8. We will not have coffee stations tomorrow. We want to limit multiple exposures to surfaces, so this is a way we can reduce that by not doing coffee stations. Please come caffeinated.
  9. We will have the air flowing more than usual. We plan on keeping some doors open and fans running continuously because air circulating is one of the best helps we can have. You might want to bring a jacket!
  10. Consider others’ comfort when greeting. It will be best to interact with minimal touch when gathering. If you are forward with a handshake or a hug, others might not be able to express their concern without awkwardness. Just consider others’ spaces and comfort.
  11. Don’t feel bad if you prefer to watch the livestream. While there is nothing like worshiping with God’s people, no one will judge you if you don’t come. One reason we feel inclined to open doors versus other gatherings that are closing is because ours is voluntary. When a school closes, it is necessary because attendance is mandated. People miss churches for different reasons, and no one is forcing anyone to come. The link to tomorrow’s livestream is here.
  12. We think it is beneficial to keep our doors open as often as we can. Especially in times like these, people need reassurance and hope. We abound in that.
  13. We are considering long-term options. The change in the level of fear over the last week has been dramatic. We will still be addressing concerns in the weeks to come, so this solution is for this week, and we are praying about what to do if this is a long-term issue.
  14. Let us know if you need help. If you are sick or in need of assistance, please let us know. We will BE the church in days like these. At this time, there are no confirmed cases in Greenville County or within the Rocky Creek family.
  15. Now is the time for the church to step up. One tangible way we can help through times like these is getting our minds off of ourselves and onto others. One tangible way we can do that is by helping our mission partner, Miracle Hill. This request might seem humorous, but it is a legitimate need. With 600 people they are helping right now, toilet paper is in high demand. Would you consider sacrificing at least one roll and bring it with you to church on Sunday? We can make a huge difference here altogether and get them through the next few days. We will have containers at major entrances to drop some off so we can help our partner.

This plan is for this week only. Time will tell what other adjustments we need to make in the days to come. Please remember that this is a fluid plan, and we are grateful for your prayers in making these decisions. We continue to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us in these unique days.

While other churches will make different decisions, our leadership feels this decision is best for our congregation at this time. Please refrain from negatively commenting on what other churches decide to do or what other members decide to do. Every person needs the freedom to make the call best for them.

As I talked with medical professionals and community leaders over the last few days, one statement really drove home this time for me: “I am more concerned about what fear is going to do to our country than this virus will.” I couldn’t agree more. We all have our opinions on sickness, media, reception, etc., but the reality is that people are fearful. We have hope. Now is the time to tell others about it.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Travis