The Best Way To Support Your Pastor

Your pastor may not ask you, but he desperately needs you to intercede for him.
October 25, 2023

In Exodus 28, God instructs the High Priest to carry two stones on his shoulders. These stones have the names of Israel engraved on them. Aaron, the High Priest, is to carry them as a memorial on his shoulders. While the weight of these stones is unknown, there is no doubt that the spiritual significance of bearing the weight of Israel’s sins was also played out in the physical action of bearing the weight of these stones. As Aaron approached the Most Holy Place, he did so with the weight of the sin of God’s people on his shoulders. 

Today, pastors may not physically wear stones on their shoulders, but there is no doubt that your pastor still bears the weight of the burdens of God’s people. Each week, your pastor has sermons to write, hospitals to visit, concerns to address, vision to cast, and staff to lead. This is in addition to caring for himself and his family. Far too often in a pastor’s life, he can get sucked into the long to-do list that he feels forced to neglect his family or himself. Understand that doing these things is a pastor’s calling. It is difficult yet rewarding work. Your pastor is in the trenches of spiritual warfare each and every day. 

Your pastor may not ask you, but he desperately needs you to intercede for him, that God would protect him, that God would provide for every need, that God would guard his family, that God would protect his marriage, that God would make him strong in the Holy Spirit. So, the best way to support your pastor may not seem like much, but it has the power to move mountains. Simply pray for your pastor.