Update from Waypoint

What an incredible time last night at our first Waypoint! I was so very thankful...
May 29, 2017

What an incredible time last night at our first Waypoint!

I was so very thankful that we had to keep bringing out more chairs for everyone who came.  It was a great time of reflecting on what Jesus is doing through the life of His church!

While there is simply too much to recap from all we discussed, I want to give you a quick highlight reel and then we will share more detailed posts in the coming days of all that is coming our way as a church.


  • Greenville Baptist Association Video (Made by our own, Ken Beale)
  • Introduction and Prayer – Jeremy Johns
  • RC Kids Sing – led in Worship
  • RC Kids Testimonies – shared testimonies of 4 mission projects they have gone on the last few months
  • Presentation for Berta Richardson and Darla Beale – Berta is leaving our staff as she relocates to Columbia to be close to family and fulfill some grandmother duties of which she is very eager.  Ken and Darla Beale are following God’s call for ministry appointment in Nashville.  Our preschoolers made a presentation for Berta and Beth gave a wonderful tribute to Darla.  We were able to give them gifts, show our appreciation, and pray over them as we commissioned them out.
  • Worship – Donald and John led us in a time to thank our Father for his goodness
  • Missions Update – David gave us updates on ways we are partnering with:
    • Piedmont Women’s Center
    • Boston Trip
    • West Africa Trip
    • GBA Partnerships
  • Vision Casting – Travis gave some updates and insights into what’s happened and what’s next:
    • Lesson from Joshua 5:13-15 – We are not asking God to join our agenda – we are joining his!
    • Updates on our success regarding new website, new service, new Next Steps process
    • Looking forward to the next few monthly emphases (leadership, campus, calendar, groups).
    • Updates on our encouraging giving trends as a church
    • Reminder that with our attendance trends moving up, we need to prepare to disciple these new folks
    • We have a new bulletin coming in June that will simplify some content.  Two things we will remove: 1) Volunteer assignments – if you don’t know before Sunday morning, we are in trouble, and 2) Weekly giving receipts – That information needs to be reserved for our church membership’s eyes and not every guest that comes in for a few different reasons. We are going to give church members a monthly snapshot via email that will help us close out the month on giving, budget, and receipts.  This will give us a more accurate picture.
    • We will begin to Livestream our services in June.  With those homebound, sick, or traveling, we will provide a way for you to stay connected with our church family during worship hours.
    • Grow and Go – This summer, we will Grow together on Sunday nights and Go together on Wednesday nights.  Get more information and sign up here.
    • Equip – We will begin courses in the Fall that will benefit the entire church family but those individuals registered in seminary will actually get master’s level course credit at Rocky Creek.  We will share more details regarding signup, course schedule, internships, etc.  We do know that our first course in the Fall will be Hermeneutics (the study of how to interpret the Bible)!  There might be more, but we can at least give that one away – it goes along great with these next two items:
    • Unified Curriculum – In September, we will begin to use a unified curriculum of all ages in our church.  This will assist us in how we foster multigenerational discipleship relationships.
    • The Word – In the Fall, we are going to have a 100-Day Bible reading plan that we go through as a church and that I will preach through on Sundays.  This opportunity is a great time to invite someone along who has questions about the Bible.
    • We also recognized, met, and prayed over our new members and people who had just been baptized.
  • We ate a bunch of ice cream.
  • We enjoyed no-hurried fellowship.
  • We enjoyed some dodgeball.

We will make some more detailed posts in the days to come, but right now, we are simply excited about what God is doing!

Thank you so much for being the church!  I can’t wait to see all that God continues to do through the life of Rocky Creek!