My Brothers, the Overcomers

The Overcomers were one of the main reasons our family felt drawn to Rocky Creek....
September 16, 2017

The Overcomers were one of the main reasons our family felt drawn to Rocky Creek.

If you don’t know who the Overcomers are, they are a 27-week, addiction recovery program with a twelve-step, Christian-based curriculum. The program offers group and individual counseling, Bible study, devotional services, classroom instruction, and seminars.

Rocky Creek has a partnership with the Overcomers (a Miracle Hill Ministry).  As a part of their recovery, the men attend Rocky Creek for worship and for our Equip courses on Sunday evenings.

I have never seen such eager disciples as these men.

Like sponges, they soak up every inch of teaching from the Word that they can get.  Coming from much brokenness, these men are eager to receive instruction from the Bible and love from this church family.

When I say they were one of the main reasons we came to Rocky Creek, I’m not kidding.  I thought it was so beautiful to see a church do more than love these men from a distance.  When I asked what my primary responsibilities as pastor would be, the short list included: “disciple the Overcomers.”

“You Guys Aren’t a Project”

When I had been here a few weeks and gotten to know many of the guys, I had an opportunity one night as we were sharing a meal together to tell them something that had been weighing on my heart.

“Men, it’s just us here for the moment.  I have needed to say something to you but I didn’t want anyone else around so this wouldn’t be awkward.

“I have never referenced you from the pulpit or singled you out in a group, and I won’t do that because I need you to know this: you guys aren’t a project.  You aren’t a separate section of this church.  You are part of this church.  And for the next 7 months or the rest of your life, I am willing to be your pastor and walk with you through whatever we have to go through to get you to that abundant life Jesus promised.

“I know many of you have burned a lot of bridges and don’t have a place to land when Overcomers is over.  Well, you do now.  You land on Christ, me, and this church.  You are loved here and you belong here during this treatment and however longer God keeps you here.  You are family – never ever forget that.”

After sharing a lot of love after my speech, I was so thankful again for the opportunity to walk alongside these men. In addition to their involvement in worship and discipleship, we also have many mentors who work with the men 1-on-1.  We also have a great group of senior adults who cook a monthly home cooked meal on Sunday nights that my family refers to as the “feast.”

It is wonderful to break bread and to share lives with men like Ed.

If you want to help serve the Overcomers, we have plenty of opportunities for you to do that.  Contact Pastor David on how to get connected.

More Information on Overcomers

The Miracle Hill Ministry curriculum consists of four phases, which include spiritual foundations, inner healing, building healthy relationships and life planning.

After graduation, transitional housing provides a halfway point between the strict accountability of life within one of our shelters and the onslaught of temptations beyond our walls. Participants in transitional housing practice applying the principles they learned within the program. They commit to six months of living in Miracle Hill housing, during which they keep close contact with a mentor from a local church and attend weekly support group meetings.

If you are interested in applying for the Overcomers Program, please complete the online application. If you prefer to fax your application, print and completely fill out the application and fax it to 864-244-1319.