Forward Ballot

If you can’t join us Sunday (12/17/2017) and want to cast your vote for the...
December 11, 2017

If you can’t join us Sunday (12/17/2017) and want to cast your vote for the campus plan, you can fill out a ballot in the church office this week.

Below is the content on the ballot [we did remove specific numbers on this public post but they are available on the ballot]:

Rocky Creek Baptist Forward Building Proposal Ballot

As a member of Rocky Creek Baptist Church, I have prayed about the following vision for our church and cast my vote in the following ways regarding the four phases of the building process:

Ballot for Phase One – Updating the Sanctuary
I affirm that Rocky Creek use resources from the church reserve fund on updates to the church sanctuary. The updates for this project (which LS3P will oversee in the early part of 2018) will include the following: new paint, new carpet, updated seating, curved wall behind choir loft, open baptistery, projection screens placed to the sides, central placement of a cross, new pulpit, indoor signage, and acoustical treatment.

Ballot for Phase Two – Upgrading Our Playground
I affirm that Rocky Creek use resources from the reserve fund on playground improvements including: anti-microbial turf, drainage system, safety pad, new playground equipment, and six-foot black aluminum fence.

Ballot for Phase Three – Remodeling Flexible Meeting Spaces
I affirm that Rocky Creek proceed with gathering more information about Phase Three. This may include costs for more drawings and obtaining more details from LS3P related to this project. However, we would not go forward with any construction nor spend the estimated resources for this project without having more funding for the project available and a future affirmation of this project from the church family.

Ballot for Phase Four – Renovating the Hub of Our Campus
I affirm that Rocky Creek proceed with the direction of Phase Four.  However, we would not move forward with anything regarding Phase Four until the necessary funding is agreed upon and more details of the project are affirmed by the church.

Ballot for Establishment of a Building Fund
I affirm that Rocky Creek establish a building fund for these future projects.  The building fund would enable members to begin giving over and above their regular tithe to support the building projects.