The Generation Z (part 3 of 4)

6-10 TRAITS OF Z NATION      What do we need to know about the kids in...
January 17, 2018


What do we need to know about the kids in Generation Z?


  1. They’re pretty independent.Gen Xers, repeatedly warned about “helicopter parenting,” have reacted by giving their kids—Z’s—plenty of space. This hands-off parenting has yielded both pros and cons.
  2. They’re aware of a troubled planet.Most Z’s have grown up since 9/11 and have only known a world where terrorist attacks are the norm. Additionally, they’ve lived through the Great Recession, and they’ve seen their parents, or many of their friends’ parents, struggle through job losses, foreclosures, and more.
  3. They’re justice-minded.Partly because of No. 7 above, Z’s want to make a difference in the world. Like millennials before them, they’re keenly aware of justice issues concerning poverty, human trafficking, refugees, racism, and more.
  4. They’re post-Christian.Almost a quarter (23 percent) of America’s adults—and a third of millennials—are “nones,” claiming no religious identity at all, according to Pew Research. Many Z’s are growing up in homes where there’s no religion whatsoever, and they may have no experience of religion.
  5. They’re open to faith.Although only 4 in 10 attend religious services weekly, 78 percent of older Gen Z’s say they believe in God, according to a survey by Northeastern University. They view religious leaders as better role models than celebrities, professional athletes, or political leaders.

 **These traits help us to better understand and reach the world of Generation Z**

Taken from “Catching Some Z’s” from Facts and Trends magazine:

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