Unless the LORD Builds the House

May 7, 2017

Sermon Notes

Unless the LORD Builds the House

Psalm 127

  • 3/4 of those raised in the church are no longer in the church after their freshman year of college.
  • With 16 million Southern Baptists, we will decrease to 4 million in 1 generation.
  • In order just to maintain status quo, each Southern Baptist must reach 3 people for Christ.
  • It currently takes 43 Southern Baptists to reach 1 person for Christ.
  • Over the last 4 decades, we have increased our programs for younger generations and seen a decline in baptisms.
  • We have expected the church to do what God expects the family to do.
  • We have replaced parents with programs and we are losing our children one generation at a time.

PSALM 127 [A Song of Ascents]


  • Psalm 127:1-2
  • What happens in your house is just as important as what happens in God’s house.
  • The most critical spiritual environment is the one in which you live.
  • God’s ideal is when a family of God partners with the people of God for the discipleship of every generation.
  • If we neglect the biblical blueprint, why should we expect a godly home?
  • Christian homes are in danger when we succumb to worthless pursuits and frivolous concerns.
  • We are to be ever diligent and yet never anxious.
  • Sleep evades those whose lives are frantic and whose souls are burdened.
  • Building by the LORD and believing in the LORD allows parents to rest in God’s plan.


  • Psalm 127:3-5
  • Children are a blessing and not a burden.
  • Family and Church – work together to sharpen the two sides of the arrow.
  • A trained warrior understands that a sharpened arrow can go where he cannot.
  • A quiver full of sharpened arrows is extremely helpful but a bag full of dull sticks is extremely cumbersome.
  • Every arrow needs to be sharpened, aimed, and released.