Forward Campus Update

Forward Campus Update


In December 2017, Rocky Creek decided to go forward with a campus plan that focused on flexible ministry growth.

We desire to maximize our current and future impact by:

  1. updating the sanctuary,
  2. upgrading our playground,
  3. remodeling flexible meeting spaces, and
  4. renovating the hub of our campus as a place of connection for our church.

While you might not see a lot of progress yet, a lot is being made.  Let me update you on where we are:

  1. The architects are working diligently to finalize plans for the sanctuary.  We are nearing completion and approaching a start date this Spring.
  2. The playground plans are almost finalized, and we are working on a schedule to update it as soon as possible.
  3. Generous givers continue to give to our building fund, and we are seeing resources grow without even having a formal campaign.  We will give you an update on our financial picture in the weeks to come.  Please feel free to give above and beyond your tithe to the building fund.

As the Lord continues to bring people our way, we thank you for being a church focused on moving forward with the gospel so we can make more disciples in this city.