We’re Getting There [Waypoint 2018 Highlights]

We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there. Like the waypoint on a map marking...
May 31, 2018

We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there.

Like the waypoint on a map marking the progress along a journey, we want to acknowledge all that is happening as we follow Jesus.  We celebrate what Jesus has been doing at Rocky Creek, but we also look forward to what He will continue to do.  As we go forward, here are some things that you need to know at this Waypoint in May of 2018.

Summer Schedule

In addition to our schedule of worship, gospel groups, and ministries, we have some variations for the summer.  Here are some things to remember:

  1. Grow – Sunday nights at 6 PM – All ages are welcome to come as we focus on the church in June and the family in July.
  2. Go – Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM – All ages are welcome to come as we get on mission teams and go, share, and serve.
  3. Events – We have plenty to celebrate through VBS, camps, and mission trips.  Check out the calendar for more info!
  4. Work Week – We are taking a week to do some work at our campus – sign up to help our staff and volunteers!

Budget Update

We are blessed to be in a good place giving wise.  We have had some unexpected capital expenses, but we are in a great place as our church continues to give to the general budget and over and beyond to the Forward Building Fund.

Mission Update

Rocky Creek is on mission!  From the youngest to the oldest, we heard some incredible testimonies of how our church is taking the gospel locally and globally.

Dual Schedule

We are experiencing good problems to have:

  1. We are out of worship room at 10:30 again.
  2. We are out of large group space for our children at 9:00.
  3. Our rooms and storage are maxed out.
  4. We have raised funds for 3 building phases quicker than expected.

These are the types of problems we want to have, but we must do something about it.

Our options are:

  1. Close the door – We simply cap off growth and don’t let anyone else into the church (by the way, we already have people turning around and leaving from worship on Sunday morning since they can’t find a seat).
  2. Build a bigger building – We can spend millions of dollars for a bigger sanctuary but we don’t have adequate parking space then.
  3. Change the times – If we moved a service earlier or later, we reduce the amount of families attending certain times.  If we have only one gospel group time, we are maxed out regarding space for certain ages and have limited the growth again.
  4. Get flexible – We believe we must be creative and seek what is the best for the church at large rather than our personal preferences.

Last year, we helped address the space issue for worship by adding an additional service.  We are at a place that unless we become flexible with programming for all ages, we run the risk of plateauing or declining.  We believe that  in order to continue to create capacity for growth, we must have a dual schedule on Sunday morning that all ages could either be a part of worship and then gospel groups or gospel groups and then worship.

Join your staff on Sunday evening, June 3, at 5:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall, if you have further questions about the information shared at Waypoint last Sunday evening. This is an exciting opportunity for our church to make room for other families and to try to make sure both of our worship services have the same demographic at both times. You have an opportunity to come and share your ideas and to ask questions about this process Sunday at 5:00 p.m. as we move forward.

Building Update

We were blessed to receive more funds than expected earlier than anticipated.  That caused us to approach doing Phase 1 and Phase 3 together.  We saw some updated plans from our architect firm and an updated timeline.

Phase 2 (playground) should be done by first few weeks of June.  Phase 1 (sanctuary) and Phase 3 (multipurpose rooms) should begin by July.

Next Steps

While this is merely a summary of all that we got to share, there are some next steps for all of us:

  1. Sign Up for Go Teams this Summer
  2. Sign Up for Work Week
  3. Pray about moving Sunday AM times for worship and Gospel Groups
  4. Find 1 place to serve consistently