Follow Pastor Travis to Prison

As we have studied in the Gospel of Mark, we have watched Jesus seek out...
June 9, 2018

As we have studied in the Gospel of Mark, we have watched Jesus seek out those in the darkest of circumstances.  Unwilling to flinch at anyone’s situation, Jesus engaged the sinners and embraced the unclean.

Part of discipleship is telling others to come along with you.  Men of Rocky Creek, I’m asking you to follow me to prison.

We have an opportunity to help lead and participate in a Sunday afternoon worship service  at Perry Correctional Institute on June 24th.  I am looking for a group of 20-30 men to accompany me into the service and to experience something that will forever change your life.  It will initially feel awkward or uncomfortable going in there if you have never experienced it, but once you worship with these brothers, you will leave different.

We will leave Sunday after the final service, take a quick bite to eat with us, and go into the prison to serve.  You just need to be present.  No preparation necessary.  I will be preaching (a different sermon than that morning – I promise) and the worship team of inmates will lead us.  Afterwards, the chaplain will take us on a brief tour to help us see the discipleship that is happening beyond those bars.

I will have a signup sheet available on Sunday morning and Monday is the last day to take names since we have to process the names.

Would you prayerfully consider following me?