Prison Ministry Instructions

I asked for 20 men to follow me to Perry Correctional, and the Lord sent...
June 24, 2018

I asked for 20 men to follow me to Perry Correctional, and the Lord sent 40.  As we go Sunday, let’s prayerfully anticipate what the Lord will do in our midst.

As soon as the 10:30 services are over, we will gather together in the multipurpose room down the hall from the sanctuary.  Someone is fixing some lunch bags for us to take and go.  You can ride separate or come along in the caravan.

Here are some important instructions to consider:

  1. Use term Correction Officer, not Guard when speaking to a CO.
  2. Do what you are told by CO or other staff immediately without arguing.
  3. Show COs respect.
  4. Don’t ask someone why he is in there.
  5. Don’t ask someone how long he is in there.
  6. Don’t share personal info like address and phone number.
  7. Best to just use first names at this service.
  8. Wear dark socks, not white.
  9. Carry only drivers license, Bible (optional) and car key.
  10. Best to take car key off key chain and don’t take all keys in.
  11. Might want to leave keys in one persons locked car so only one person is taking in a key.
  12. Make sure pockets are empty of all other things.
  13. Leave cell phone and billfold and other valuables in car out of sight, like in glove compartment.
  14. Don’t wear bracelets or neck chains.
  15. Don’t take meds into the prison.
  16. Leave gum outside.
  17. Anything that is considered contraband will get one escorted out and banned for life or worse like arrested.
  18. Don’t wear cologne or after shave.
  19. Wear undershirt and don’t expose chest hair.
  20. Walk inside yellow lines painted on sidewalk.
  21. Fist bump over a handshake is preferred.