Update on Start of Renovation

Update on Start of Renovation


We are so grateful for all the progress being made in our Forward campus renovation.  So much work has been done and yet it is some of the most important and unseen at the same time.  The staff and other key leadership teams have worked diligently to provide quality improvements while maintaining wise stewardship.

Here’s some things to keep you informed:

  1. Playground fencing has been installed.  We are waiting on the delivery of new pieces.  The company had some unforeseen obstacles, but they are working to complete the task very soon.
  2. The church council is in final negotiations with a building contractor.  We are very blessed at the diligence that they and the architects have done so far.  We will share concrete details when they are available to share.
  3. After meeting with contractors, we know that we will have to leave the sanctuary and multipurpose rooms for some time.  It will save time and money if we exit out and allow them to work unhindered.  We will be worshiping in the gym for some of the Fall.  Currently, we are trying to develop a detailed timeline and should be able to provide that to you by next week.

Things will be picking up here very quickly.  Be prayerful and ready to jump in and help where you can!