Wiki God: Needy God

Travis Agnew’s book Wiki God: The Dangerous Editable Deity is extremely helpful to our recent...
May 21, 2020

Travis Agnew’s book Wiki God: The Dangerous Editable Deity is extremely helpful to our recent study of God’s attributes. This week we will study what Travis explains as the “needy” God.

Have you, or someone you know, ever thought of God as “needy”? For example, some people may think that God is lonely, therefore, we must spend time with him to make sure He feels that we care.  In light of that, some may even believe that God created humanity because He needed us. That specific idea can lead to many wrong attitudes and beliefs about God. A proper understanding of God, namely His independence, is needed.

As Travis Agnew explains, “The attribute of God’s independence is of extreme importance.” As understood in Genesis 1:1, God is the Creator of all things. “He is the uncreated Creator. He is the causeless cause. Nothing existed before God, and God needs absolutely nothing to exist in order to prove his divine nature.” (Agnew)   God does not need us; neither does he need to prove anything to us. He is divine and is the Creator of all. We are but created.

The independence of God means that He is entirely without need. (Travis Agnew)

God’s act of creating humanity was not out of a necessity, but because He chose to create. In fact, “The ability to identify as God assumes complete and utter independence.” (Agnew). He cannot be substituted for anything less than Who He is. The very attribute of independence is who God is. Agnew writes, “Before everything began, God already was. He was not dependent upon any other thing to live.” In fact, as Agnew further points out, God set the earth and planet on its very foundation (Psalm 104:5).  We do, however, live in a society where people dispute the claim and belief that God is the creator. Many have come to believe in Darwin’s evolutionary theory as opposed to the creationist worldview.  Based on God’s Word, He is the Creator and sustainer of all life. Furthermore, Agnew reminds us that God exclaimed to Moses “I Am Who I Am” (Exodus 3:14). He is above all and before all.

Reflective Question

Travis Agnew challenges us to think through our study of God’s attributes. He writes, “In light of this truth, how now should I think. What am I to do?”  These are questions, that as believers and followers of Christ, we must seek after.

Agnew does not leave us without a great answer to his questions. Psalm 8:4 reminds us of our standing before God. The question is, “What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” Agnew states, “ This truth should serve to give us the self-awareness that is essential for our often misguided souls. We can’t provide anything that God needs because he is entirely without need.” His truth is essential for our misguided lives. The biblical and theological truth is that God does not need us, but we desperately need Him. Therefore, we must seek after Him with all whole being.

God doesn’t need you, but he wants you. (Travis Agnew)


Wiki God: The Dangerous Editable Deity by Travis Agnew