Rediscovering Who God Is

God provided Moses with a description of Himself that became one of the most repeated characterizations in the Bible. As we unpack who God says He is, we discover the beauty and balance of His nature.

November 26, 2023

Sermon Notes


  • God’s request for additional tablets proves His commitment to second chances (34:1-3).
  • For all of Moses’ efforts to ascend to God, he was still dependent on God’s descent to meet together (34:4).
  • God has introduced Himself to us as the initiating, self-existent, great I AM (34:5).
  • Yahweh’s character perfectly balances both grace and truth (34:6-7).
  • The more Moses grew to know Yahweh, the greater was his worshipful reliance (34:8-9).


  • Realize that God is more concerned with your next steps than your previous ones.
  • Base your life on the eternal Word of God rather than the fleeting opinions of humanity. 
  • If you believe God to have all grace and no truth, you will turn to liberalism.
  • If you believe God to have all truth and no grace, you will turn to legalism.
  • God allows us to experience the consequences of others’ sins so we will avoid repeating them.
  • You will struggle to follow well a God you barely know.