No Rivals

Exodus 20:1-3 – The first commandment forbids the people of God to have any other gods besides the LORD. To obey this command, we must rid ourselves of any rivals threatening His place in our lives.

June 10, 2023

Sermon Notes


  • God is setting a precedent that the following instructions come straight from His mouth and no one else. (20:1)
  • Our relationship with God should incline us to listen and do what He says. (20:2a)
  • Reminders are good for us in order to keep moving forward. (20:2b)
  • True freedom is found in God. (20:2c)
  • God will never play second place. (20:3)


  • God is the only one who can rescue us from our slavery.
  • Constantly remind yourself of where you have been, and where God is taking you. 
  • All of Scripture reminds us why God has no rival!