4 Tips For Making Sundays Easier For Your Family

Sunday mornings can be stressful. While our focus should be on communion with God, we are often preoccupied with rushing out the door to arrive 5 minutes late. Check out these 4 tips to making Sundays easier for your family.
July 29, 2021

Make Sundays your “every-week” priority.

It’s not a sin to miss church for sickness, vacations, or family gatherings, but if one miss leads to habitual misses, consider what that tells your child.

Prepare for Sunday on Saturday.

We have all experienced the surprise of missing shoes and Bibles on a Sunday morning as the family is headed out the door to church, but we are never surprised that Sunday mornings always follow Saturday evenings. Use Saturday to get everything ready, so you aren’t pulling into the church parking lot lecturing the one who lost a shoe while tears are flowing.

Sunday morning worship is a Saturday evening decision.

Don’t waste the car ride home.

At Rocky Creek, all ages have the same Bible study lesson at age-appropriate levels. Discuss what was studied and how you will live out practical applications of both the sermons and the Bible study as a family.

Engage as the parent.

Nobody expects you to belt out the worship songs like Tauren Wells, Lauren Daigle, or the Getty’s worship team, but you can at least mouth the words with a little volume when the congregation is singing. You can follow along in your Bible. You can take notes and model how to do that for your child. You can also engage in welcoming those around you and introducing your child to those around you. The ministry of hospitality in worship is something we can all do.