Convictional Courage in a Compromising Culture

August 30, 2020

Sermon Notes

Daniel and his friends had to decide whether they would be transformed by the culture or transformers of the culture.

Just like them, we must resolve to show convictional courage in a nation increasingly hostile to biblical values.

Daniel 1:8-21


  • The culture attempted to change the people of God through prosperity – not persecution.
  • Daniel preferred to endanger his security rather than defile his integrity.
  • How could the food possibly defile them?
    • 1. Dietary – The king may have offered them food forbidden in Scripture (Lev. 11:1-23).
    • 2. Devotion – The food may have been tied to the worship of other gods (Deut. 6:13-15).
    • 3. Dependence – The goal may have been to create reliance upon the king (Dan. 1:16).
    • 4. Defensive – The resistance may have been to exercise control over any potential area free for choice (Dan. 1:8).
  • God blessed these young men with remarkable insight to position them for a strategic opportunity.


  • It is impossible to influence a culture if you are dependent upon it.
  • In certain tests, God awaits our obedience before he provides the resources.
  • God’s ways will outlast cultural trends, and God’s people will survive temporal concerns.


  • Each of us must decide if we will be transformed by the culture or transformers of the culture.
  • You can’t avoid being in the culture, but you can resist the culture being in you.
  • If you want to follow God, surround yourself with people moving in the same direction.
  • To have convictional courage in a compromising culture, we must believe that the reward is greater than the conflict.
  • Put your faith in the only true God who can see you through to the end.