Make Way for the Coming King

October 18, 2020

Sermon Notes

Daniel 7:1-28

Daniel’s frightening vision of future kings alarmed him until he beheld the coming King who would reign forever. Amid polarizing politicians and combative kingdoms, our great hope is in the true King who is on His way.

Rules for Apocalyptic Literature

  • Apocalyptic literature is a vision of the future to give believers hope in the present.
  • Focus on what is certain, but don’t obsess about what is left unclear.
  • Be careful of anyone who claims more precise knowledge than what Jesus had while on earth (Matt. 24:36).

The Beastly Kingdoms (7:1-8)

  • A winged-lion represents the first kingdom, characterized by a rise, fall, and restoration (7:4).
  • A lopsided bear represents the second kingdom, which destroys three other kingdoms (7:5).
  • A four-winged and four-headed leopard represents the third kingdom indicating a fast yet divided authority (7:6).
  • A multi-horned beast represents the final kingdom, which is more severe and long-lasting (7:7-8).

The Coming King (7:9-14)

  • The glorious Ancient of Days sovereignly reigns over all kingdoms and will quickly defeat all opposition (7:9-12).
  • The coming Son of Man uniquely possess divine and human attributes and will receive glory from all nations (7:13-14).

The Final Conflict (7:15-28)

  • All resistance leads to a culmination of a final Antichrist openly defying God and relentlessly opposing the Church (7:15-25).
  • The Antichrist will be unapologetically determined to change God’s laws (7:25).
  • God will soundly defeat all opposition, and His people will surely reign with Him forever (7:26-28).

The Church’s goal is not political victory but worldwide worship.
Make way for the coming King more than you make progress for any fleeting kingdom.