Seeking the Worst Seat – Bryce Staggs

In The Parable of the Wedding Feast, Jesus encouraged His followers to avoid pursuing places of privilege. Exaltation is not attained by proving greatness but by relentlessly prioritizing humility.

August 7, 2022

Sermon Notes


  • Jesus was invited to a sabbath dinner with Pharisees, where he healed someone in need.
  • Jesus began to teach this parable as he saw the contention over where people would sit.


  • Jesus warns about thinking you are more important than you are. (14:8-9)
  • It is better to be humble than end up humiliated. (14:10)
  • It is better to be exalted by God than to be exalted by man. (14:11)


  • Being a follower of Jesus means following him into humility.
  • You can’t promote Jesus if you are too busy promoting yourself.
  • The Christian life is marked by serving others above yourself.