Relentless Prayers and a Willing God – Ben Johnson

In The Parable of the Persistent Friend, Jesus taught the need for consistent prayers. Many of us are not receiving certain things simply because we have failed to ask.

September 4, 2022

Sermon Notes


  • Jesus was teaching His disciples to reliably pray.
  • Our prayers should be like a child talking with her father. 
  • Christ addresses God as Father because He is both personal and loving. 
  • Prayer should be a simple and daily task for the children of God. 

The Parable

  • A man’s friend comes at midnight asking for help in providing hospitality. 
  • The man does not know the traveler, but he does owe the traveler. 
  • The man agrees to help out of the shameless persistence of his friend and to avoid the shame he would bear.

The Point

  • If sinful people will help out someone they are annoyed with, how much will a righteous God help those He loves?
  • God is waiting to bless us, we just need to ask.
  • Just as we give good gifts to our kids, our Father longs to give good gifts to us. 
  • God is the good Father who wants to give the best to His children.
  • However, this passage is not saying whatever we ask of God we will receive.

Sometimes, God does not answer because:

  • What we want is sinful.
  • It is not the right time.
  • It is not for our best.  

Sometimes, God does not answer.

  • Faith in Christ has made us right with God and has given us the best gift, the Holy Spirit. 
  • We may not always receive what we ask for, but we will always have what we need.