The Progression of Pornography

Solomon warned his son about the allurement of any forbidden woman, but she is more easily accessible in our days. Beware the trappings of lust and the consequences it is destined to bring, no matter what format the connection takes.

July 18, 2021

Sermon Notes

  • Pornography is any type of sensual content intended to entice viewers.
  • While immorality has always been a danger, the discreet nature of digital opportunities has significantly increased the threat.
  • The wandering temptation of Proverbs 7 provides a perfect commentary on our current cultural crisis.

The Culture of Voyeurism (7:1-9)

  • You cannot live wisely if you seek any connection with practices God forbids (7:1-5).
  • You won’t avoid sin if you see how close you can get to it (7:6-8).
  • What we drift toward when no one else is around reveals our truest character (7:9).

The Boldness of Immorality (7:10-20)

If you don’t intentionally seek immorality in this culture, it will aggressively hunt you down everywhere you go (7:10-13).
Expressing occasional religious activity does not give you a free pass to indulge in provocative activity (7:14-17).
The biggest lie of promiscuous behavior is that no one will ever find out (7:18-20).

The Danger of Apathy (7:21-27)

  • If you feel lured into habits that would be shameful if exposed, you must change right now (7:21-22).
  • The longer you indulge in sinful behavior, the more numb you become to its danger (7:22-23).
  • You do not have a plan to fight sin if at least one person doesn’t know about it (7:24-27).

Change something with someone to get somewhere.