What We Know for Sure About the End

November 29, 2020

Sermon Notes

While we may be uncertain regarding the timing of the end, God is clear regarding the testing leading up to that end. Daniel’s final vision provides a vague progression of events accompanied by a clear expectation for His followers.
  • There is coming a time when 2020 will feel like the glory days.
  • God has concealed certain details about what we want to know, but He has undoubtedly given us what we need to know.
1. Things will get worse before they get better (12:1).
To follow Jesus in this world involves promised persecution.
2. God has promised to rescue those who belong to Him (12:1).
When Jesus returns, guardian Michael and the angelic armies will put an end to all conflicts.
3. Every single person will live somewhere forever (12:2).
You will either live in heaven or hell for eternity based on what you do with Jesus now.
4. The wise will spend their lives inviting others to come to Jesus (12:3).
Our goal should be to turn people to everlasting righteousness and not a temporal agenda.
5. The way to make it through this world is by relying upon God’s Word (12:4).
Amid a rapidly changing world, hold onto the unchanging Word of God for stability.
6. Jesus will come back at a predetermined time, and no one can stop Him (12:5-7).
It is more important to have your eternal standing in confidence than a return date on a calendar.
7. The best way to prepare for your last day is by living for God this day (12:8-13).
Seek purification, accept refinement, and keep going.