When the Compromises Come

Nehemiah left the city for a short time, and opposing voices emerged in an attempt to change direction. When compromises come among the people of God, we must commit to rerouting to God’s expectations.

December 4, 2022

Sermon Notes

Recap: Even an established wall and a protective system could not protect the people from themselves.

Nehemiah’s Example

  • The chapter’s conclusion appears at the beginning showing their need to commit to the Scriptures and separate from other cultures (13:1-3).
  • The priest allowed his family to marry their enemies, leading to the temple’s pollution (13:4-9).
  • Nehemiah’s absence from the city opened the door to rampant spiritual compromise (13:6-9).
  • The people neglected to support the spiritual leaders, which led to a decline in their spiritual condition (13:10-14).
  • The people’s sinful obsession with prosperity and productivity infringed on the time needed to know God (13:15-22).
  • Their idolatrous relationships darkened their understanding of the language required to know God’s Word (13:23-28).
  • Nehemiah trusted God to do what was fitting for himself and his enemies (13:29-31).

Our Response

  • Beware of alluring relationships that can detract from your relationship with God.
  • Don’t expect to grow spiritually if you don’t create time to do so.
  • Your practices are either helping or hindering the health of this faith family.
  • Commit to knowing the Word so well that you are confident of the best ways to live it out.

When the compromises come, you must prioritize the Word and diminish the influence of anything contradictory to it.