November 6, 2022

When Conviction Comes

After listening to the Word of God, the people were aware of their sins and repented. When conviction comes, we must humbly approach God with a restorative desire.

Nehemiah’s Example

  • Nehemiah led the people to confess their personal and their predecessors’ sins (9:1-5).
  • The leaders helped the people identify their place in the grand narrative of Scripture (9:6-31).


  • Creation – The sole Creator deserves unrivaled worship (9:6).
  • Covenant – God initiated a relationship with Abraham to change the world (9:7-8).
  • Exodus – God powerfully rescued His people from bondage (9:9-12).
  • Commandments – God graciously provided rules after redemption (9:13-15).
  • Wilderness – God supplied everything for a people who rebelled about anything (9:16-21).
  • Canaan – God fought their battles and established their prosperity (9:22-25).
  • Cycle – God provided suffering and saviors to confront their sin (9:26-28).
  • Exile – God disciplined their defiance but refused to abandon them (9:29-31).

The people wanted to learn the lessons of those before them by embracing God’s faithfulness and confessing their sinfulness (9:32-38).

Our Response

  • Christians – stop fighting against God’s good plans for your life by breaking His commandments.
  • Non-Christians – confess your sin and trust in Christ for salvation.

When conviction comes, resist the condemnation trap that seeks to keep you from the One eager to forgive you.