Don’t Drop Your Kids Off At Church

God expects parents to be the primary disciple-makers of their children. Your home will never produce growing disciples without the intentional investment of one generation into another.

July 25, 2021

Sermon Notes

Parenting Trends

  • We have wrongfully told parents to drop their kids off at church so that ministry professionals can disciple their children.
  • Our children will never be fully discipled if we expect programs to do what God called parents to do.
  • Parents are increasingly sacrificing their children’s spiritual priorities for worldly pursuits.
  • We are teaching our children by our examples of what is essential and what is expendable.
  • Don’t be surprised if your children’s spiritual health does not surpass your personal examples or rhythms.

Biblical Expectations

  • God places the burden clearly on parents to be their children’s primary disciple makers.
  • Children will most likely be proficient in whatever the parents most eagerly prioritize.
  • A wise parent disciples with the biblical message while considering a distinctive method.
  • Proverbs are not guaranteed promises, but they are best-case processes.
  • The Bible teaches that success is found not in the guarantee of an outcome but in the wisdom of the process.
  • While a parent’s specific responsibilities change through the years, the spiritual role never subsides.

Personal Applications 

  • Children – Reject any form of mediocre dedication to the things of the LORD.
  • Parents – If you are going to dedicate your child to some pursuit, make sure it has eternal value.
  • Doubters – Most children who resent their parents’ faith witnessed a church association without a character transformation
  • Empty-Nesters – Don’t let regret or astonishment cause you to abandon the task of impacting your children.
  • Singles – Don’t settle for marrying someone whom you wouldn’t want a child to repeat his or her example. 

Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom may not be what you do but whom you disciple.