That Platform Isn’t Meant for You

September 6, 2020

Sermon Notes

God gave Daniel the ability to interpret the king’s troubling dream, but instead of taking credit at an opportune time, Daniel unashamedly gave God the glory. Our goal should be to use any platform to represent God rather than present ourselves.

Daniel 2:1-49


  • When King Nebuchadnezzar’s court could not interpret his troubling dream, he intended to kill all the wise men in the nation, including Daniel (2:1-16).
  • The Babylonians were unable to find hope in the knowledge of earth, but Daniel had all confidence in the wisdom of heaven (2:17-30).
  • God revealed to the king that his kingdom and others behind his would eventually fade away, but a coming Kingdom would last forever (2:31-49).


  • Despite all the rebellion of the nations, God still reaches out to them.
  • Aramaic Section for Neighboring Nations (2-7)
    • A – A dream about coming kingdoms (2)
      • B – An exile being exalted (3)
        • C – A king being humbled (4)
        • C – A king being humbled (5)
      • B – An exile being exalted (6)
    • A – A dream about coming kingdoms (7)
  • The lives of rulers and the spans of kingdoms are all dictated by the Sovereign God.
  • The Coming Kingdoms (Dream from 600 BC)
    • Head of gold – Babylon from 605-539 BC (2:37-38)
    • Chest and arms of silver – Medo-Persia from 539-331 BC (2:39)
    • Stomach and thighs of bronze – Greece from 331-146 BC (2:39)
    • Legs of iron with feet of iron and clay – Rome from 146 BC to AD 1476 (2:40-43)
    • Stone – Jesus Christ from now until forever
  • Every platform given is an opportunity either to highlight our kingdoms or to honor God’s kingdom.


  1. Pray (2:17-18) – God is sure about the things of which you are unsure, so why don’t you talk to him about it?
  2. Rest (2:19) – Since God is in control, you don’t have to be.
  3. Praise (2:20-23) – If you can worship God for who He truly is, you are less likely to struggle believing what He can do.
  4. Honor (2:26-30) – Use any platform given to represent God rather than present yourself.
  5. Share (2:31-45) – Tell someone else what God has taught you.