The Danger of Entitlement

Jesus taught that those who serve God should not become entitled. Even if we do all God commands of us, we are still unworthy servants who should still be amazed to belong to Him.

June 26, 2022

Sermon Notes


  • The Son of God was traveling toward Jerusalem to be crucified like a guilty criminal.
  • This particular parable was given specifically to His disciples in a conversation about relational forgiveness.
  • Jesus was warning the disciples about the pride that can follow obedience.


  • Just because we obey Christ’s commands does not mean that we deserve something for it.
  • Rest – Past service does not give you a free pass from current responsibility (17:7).
  • Reward – No amount of effort on our part entitles us to preferential treatment or guaranteed benefits (17:8).
  • Recognition – You shouldn’t require personalized praise for doing what you ought to do (17:9).
  • The status of “unworthy servant” can only go to those who have obeyed Christ’s commands completely (17:10).


  • If Jesus never gives me anything beyond forgiveness, I’ve been given far more than what I deserve.
  • Serving in the Kingdom should bring belittlement over entitlement.
  • You will never regret spending your life for the One who gave His for you.
  • The danger of entitlement is thinking that Jesus still owes you something.