Bible Basics: How Should I Read the Bible?

The Bible is not like any other book because it has a Divine Author as...
August 25, 2020

The Bible is not like any other book because it has a Divine Author as well as a human author. Because of this, we should approach the text of Scripture with reverence and a heart seeking to worship God. We should read the Bible as a method of worshipping God and enjoying a relationship with Him. While that may sound easy at first, the text of the Bible itself can be a bit daunting to engage with. Fortunately, there are many tools to help us as we seek to engage with the text of Scripture. Here are some resources that we encourage you to explore as you seek to encounter the living God through the pages of Scripture.

Here at Rocky Creek, we strive to provide our people with a daily Bible reading plan that will take you through the text of Scripture and give you a chance to explore everything that is written in it. Each week, a new Bible reading plan blog is uploaded on the Rocky Creek website and provides a plan for daily devotional reading during that week. This is a great way to begin the habit of Scripture reading and it is always helpful to have others reading with you!

Pastor Travis has also put together a 100-day Bible reading plan that takes the reader through the major points along the grand narrative of Scripture. Not only will this plan give you a great overview of the highlights of the Biblical text, but it will also jump start your Bible reading routine. You can access this plan here.

Seven Arrows is a book and method edited by Matt Rogers and Donny Mathis. This method gives you some basic questions for encountering the Biblical text. It seeks to give readers a basic set of questions from which an enriching Bible study can be had. The 7 arrows method can be found online at and the book is available there as well.

The Divine Mentor is a book written by Wayne Cordeiro. In it he gives some practical advice regarding how we engage with God. This includes prayer and Bible reading. In his book, he offers several ways to help in your study of Scripture with the goal of growing closer to God. The Divine Mentor will help you track your reading progress as well as what you learn through your time in the Word. Click here to check out The Divine Mentor and the other helpful products from life resources that will help you in your personal Bible study time.