A Man’s Mission

Every family passes on a legacy but not every legacy is worth continuing. Men are called to lead their homes by providing biblical instruction and a faithful example.

June 20, 2021

Sermon Notes

Reception of Wisdom (4:1-9)

  • As sons (and daughters) we have the ability to recieve or reject our father’s instruction. (4:1-2)
  • The picture of discipleship involves receiving and releasing. (4:1-4)
  • David’s instructions to Solomon were to pursue, prioritize, and prize wisdom. (4:4-9)

Results of Wisdom (4:10-19)

  • Maintain your course on the way of the wise, not the way of the wicked. (4:10-19)
  • The way of the wise offers life and light, but the way of the wicked offers death and darkness. (4:10-19)

Reminders of Wisdom (4:20-27)

  • Be wise with your heart. (4:23)
  • Be wise with your mouth. (4:24)
  • Be wise with your eyes. (4:25)
  • Be wise with your feet. (4:26)

Practical Applications