Christian Living- Image

Christian Living- Image In our world of social media, facebook, and Instagram one can easily...
October 18, 2019
Christian Living- Image

In our world of social media, facebook, and Instagram one can easily see how much emphasis is put on “image.” Some even go as far to say that, “image is everything.” Our society is saturated with a person’s beauty, non-beauty, and essentially, their image. One of the definitions for the word “image”  is “the general impression that a person, organization, or product presents to the public.” In fact, the example sentence for that particular definition is, “she strives to project an image of youth.”  That is interesting considering our society. Everyone wants to look younger, or look a certain way that society deems popular.

We all image ourselves. It is fair to say that sometimes we represent ourselves well, and at other times we don’t do so well. The fact of the matter is that there is another variable that needs to be implemented in our thinking, behavior, and imaging. We need to journey back to Genesis 1:27 and see the significance of being made in God’s image. If we are believers in Christ, we are image bearers of Him. Someone may ask, “just what does that exactly mean?” It means that if we are His, we have repented of our sins and placed our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, then we are to reflect that, thus, we are image bearers for Him. Writing for The Gospel Coalition, Elizabeth Garn says, “Images are reflections, and that’s what we were crafted to be—reflections of God here on earth. We were created to be sign posts pointing others to him and mirrors displaying his character to the world. When people see us, they see aspects of God. How amazing! Your purpose, then, isn’t something you earn or work for; it’s something you already are.”

If we are new creations in Christ, then we are to be the best image bearers we can be for Him. How are you being an image bearer for Christ? Are you representing Him well in your life and character?