Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Discipleship

More than lessons to learn, we need examples to follow. The most accurate form of discipleship is when we are intentional about life-on-life imitation.

January 9, 2022

Sermon Notes

True discipleship prioritizes imitation over information.

Transformed by Love (1:4-5a)

  • Never get over the fact that a relationship with God is shockingly and marvelously initiated by Him.
  • The gospel of God and the Spirit of God confront us with the staggering love of God.

Trained by Leaders (1:5b-6)

  • Imitators are best developed through intimate, intentional relationships.
  • Discipleship is inviting people to imitate us as we imitate Jesus.
  • How we see others suffer affects how we process our own affliction.

Taught from Lessons Learned (1:7)

  • Discipleship is not just knowing the example of another, but being the example to another.
  • You know a true discipleship movement is happening when it spreads to other Christians and congregations.

Who are you concerned about spiritually?
How confident are you that someone else will initiate discipling that person?
What would keep you from taking personal responsibility for this Kingdom activity?