Teaching students the importance of giving is vital. For believers, giving to others is a...
January 30, 2020

Teaching students the importance of giving is vital. For believers, giving to others is a great way to be a bold witness for Christ.  Also, teaching students to give to their church is important. For instance, teaching them the principles of tithing is an essential part of their maturity and growth in Christ. The earlier our teens learn how to give and tithe properly, the more successful they will be at developing healthy fiduciary habits.  Kelli Mahoney writes, “the discipline of tithing early sets us up to feel a responsibility to our churches later and helps us with our money management skills later.”

Students must be reminded that they are managers, meaning, they held accountable to manage God’s gifts well. Luke 16:11 says, “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” (NIV).  In order for them to be good “managers” of God’s things, students must be taught. Parents play an important role in this because students learn directly, and indirectly, from their parent’s model. Of course, the church also comes alongside and partners with the families to help educate teens how to give their time and finances.

Part of teaching students to give is teaching them to give with the right attitude. Mahoney writes, “When you tithe, you’re expressing something from your heart. If we move beyond the excuses we create for ourselves why we don’t give, we gain more than we ever thought we could. Learning to tithe early teaches us a lot about discipline, stewardship, and giving.” Giving back to God with the right attitude expresses a growing to maturity in our faith in Christ. It is us giving back to Him, with a grateful attitude, to express our trust in Him.