Money Matters

Money Matters Money is a commodity, particular for people in the West, for many reasons....
January 16, 2020
Money Matters

Money is a commodity, particular for people in the West, for many reasons. For instance, money is used to buy food to eat and clothes to wear. Money also provides for other things as well, such as, transportation, services, rent,  house payments, gasoline, repairs, and so much more. Money is a necessity for life and living, not only a desire.

Most would agree that money is wasted yearly on many things. Therefore, having a clear understanding of money matters.  Historically, the older generations have been frugal with their money. In fact, some of our grandparents know how to “pinch pennies,” as they say.

In that regard, Parents journal states, “Sixty-nine percent of Generation Z (those born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) say they don’t have a clear understanding of how much they should spend versus how much they should save for long-term goals. In other words, most teens have no idea how to set a budget.” (Cautero, 2019).

This is a staggering percentage of students who say they don’t know how to manage money. If this is true, there could be several reasons for the problem. One could be that parents did not teach their student. Second, parents may have tried to teach but the student didn’t take it seriously. Either way, it is important that students learn the purpose of money from a biblical perspective.

Pastor Travis is taking time in the month of January to focus on money. He is sharing truth from God’s Word to challenge and equip the church in fiduciary concerns. In the Storehouse on Wednesdays, we will be doing a study from Crown Financial to address financial stewardship from a student’s perspective. In conclusion, John MacArthur says, “having a proper view of money and possessions and managing them Scripturally are serious challenges that face all Christians.” (MacArthur, 2000). We must face these challenges with God’s help and wisdom.


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