Befriending Faithful Companions

Psalm 119:49-64 – The company you keep will dramatically affect how well you follow biblical principles. Beware the wicked and befriend the wise.

January 28, 2024

Sermon Notes


  • The promises in God’s Word provide a hope like none other (119:49-50).
  • Determine your closeness with others based on what they currently do with God’s timeless Word (119:51-53).
  • Allow the Word to be the worshipful soundtrack of your life (119:54-56).
  • We must intentionally set ourselves up for the best chance at obedience (119:57-60).
  • Be cautious of those relationships that try to drag you into wickedness (119:61-62).
  • The best support system for godliness is to surround yourself with those who seek the same lifestyle (119:63-64).


Beware the Wicked

  • We share most of our traits with whoever we spend most of our time.
  • If you don’t intentionally reach out to lost friends, they might be reaching you with a different gospel.

Befriend the Wise

  • A church doesn’t feel like a family until you start prioritizing the people within it like they are friends
  • As our church grows larger, we want to grow deeper in Gospel Groups who grow in the gospel and go with the gospel.

Gospel Group Gathering Goals

  • Every Week – Developing deep friendships is difficult if you aren’t consistent.
  • Get-Together – Organize a fellowship once a quarter outside the regular meeting time to deepen relationships.
  • Go Out – Organize a ministry or mission opportunity for your group to engage once a quarter.
  • Next Up – Have someone other than the regular facilitator lead the group twice within a quarter. 

Gospel Group Member Goals

  • Pray – Take time to pray for at least one group member by name every week.
  • Encourage – Take the initiative to encourage one group member weekly; alternating the person is preferred.
  • Connect – Make the time outside the gathering to get to know each other better.

Memory Verse
I am a friend to all who fear you, to those who keep your precepts (Psalm 119:63).