The Destruction of Adultery

The temptation of adultery does a masterful job of highlighting the momentary pleasure while disguising the long-term pain. You must be careful to avoid a trap of falling for anyone who does not belong to you.

July 11, 2021

Sermon Notes

God wants to give you blessings that adultery guarantees to take from you.

Repeating “the Talk” (6:20-23)

  • Parental rules should originate from biblical principles (6:20).
  • One talk from parents about purity cannot compete with the million messages they receive from culture (6:21).
  • Ensure that your lessons emphasize the need and the blessing of obedience (6:22-23).

Realizing the Progression (6:24-29)

  • Words – Flirtatious communication is the beginning of inappropriate relationships (6:24).
  • Looks – Unrestrained gazing is deepening an obsession that longs for physical culmination (6:25).
  • Actions – Adulterous progression leads to embracing a forbidden relationship and estranging a forever commitment (6:26-29).

Recognizing the Consequences (6:30-35)

  • Your Family – You do irreversible damage to your family when choosing someone else over them (6:30-31).
  • Yourself – The worst thing you can do for yourself is always putting your temporal desires first (6:32).
  • Your Reputation – You may receive forgiveness for adultery, but your reputation will never be free from its consequences (6:33).
  • The Other Family – You can never repay another family when you rob them of a spouse and parent (6:34-35).
  • Remove any rival before or during your marriage that takes something away from your spouse.