When We Fail to Help Each Other

After slowing down the opposition of outsiders, Nehemiah addressed how the rich were wrongfully exploiting the poor among them. When we fail to help each other, we work against that which God has called us to accomplish.

October 9, 2022

Sermon Notes

Nehemiah’s Example

  • The rich’s exploitation of the poor directly defied Scripture and disregarded one another (5:1-5; cf. Dt. 23:19-20).
  • When rightfully angered, Nehemiah composed himself and confronted those in the wrong (5:6-8).
  • The tragedy was that God’s people looked no different from those who didn’t know Him (5:9-11).
  • The people understood that God saw how they interacted with one another and took it personally (5:12-13).
  • Nehemiah’s fear of God prohibited him from taking advantage of others (5:14-15).
  • God blessed Nehemiah with great wealth with which he would bless others (5:16-18).
  • Nehemiah’s awareness of God’s observation helped him determine his choices (5:19).

Our Response

  • If you can help others while maintaining your integrity, it’s not wrong to enjoy the blessings God provides.
  • Be passionate about opposing injustice and embodying generosity
  • Having the approval of God is better than all this world has to offer.

When we fail to help each other, we misdirect the blessings of God.