Praying For Your Spouse

Beyond our own spiritual health, the role of prayer in our marriages and families is of utmost importance.
October 7, 2021

Recently, I sat down with a church member to discuss prayer and its importance in marriage. He set his weathered copy of The Power of a Praying Husband on the table and we began to talk about how prayer has played a vital role in his life and how I have experienced its power in my own life. As we talked over breakfast, I gleaned some helpful insights about the importance of a consistent prayer life in marriage. 

Pray for yourself

This might seem out of place in a post about praying for your spouse, but it could not be more fitting. My wife needs me to be a spiritual leader in our family and in order to do that I must be seeking God. The same goes for my wife – in order for her to be the best possible spouse, she must consistently seek the Lord. This attitude toward personal spiritual growth will inevitably pour over into my relationship with my wife and most certainly our prayer life.

Pray for your spouse as a husband/father or wife/mother.

These are the most important relationships in our lives. Our families are the barometers of our spiritual health. They can quickly point out areas of strengths and areas in need of improvement. Be consistent to pray for your spouse as they seek to live out the duties that they have. Brenn’s own testimony was that praying together with his wife for their children gave them a godly focus when approaching everything from discipline to sports to church activities. It also strengthened their entire relationship and their family was better for it. 

Pray for and talk about your dreams, goals, and desires.

It is important that you are on the same page with where you are going in life and how you are going to get there. Seek wisdom from the Lord on how to navigate life and kids and finances. Look to Him for direction and cling to His promises when things get tough. Fight for one another and seek the Lord together as you press on toward the future. 

Pray for each other’s work and ministry.

Work is important and we should be faithful to pray for our spouses as they work hard and seek to honor God in their work. We should also be involved in ministry together and most certainly be praying for each other in ministry endeavors. This will form another point of deep connection that will bring you closer together. 

The benefit of praying for your spouse

The benefit of praying for your spouse is two-fold: it roots out and destroys sin and it aligns your hearts with God’s. Faithfully coming together to pray for and with one another will be a consistent time to share struggles with one another and to point each other to Christ. Consistency in prayer will lead to constant dependence on Him and His salvation. Faithful prayer will also align your hearts with His and will bring you closer together. When we pray to God and listen to what He speaks through His Word and Spirit, we are transformed from our encounter with the Almighty. He will shift our affections and desires away from sinful habits and towards Himself. This shift will cause us to more faithfully pursue Him. When sin is crushed and our hearts are aligned with God’s, our marriages will become stronger and will become beautiful displays of the power of the Gospel.  

Prayer does not need to be complicated or fancy. It should be simple, heartfelt, and honest. Pray for the things that matter most. Pray for the things that are important in life. Pray for the church. Most importantly, pray for each other. Prayer is a necessary aspect of each of our spiritual lives. We must cultivate a habit of conversing with the Almighty if we are to grow in our relationship with Him. Beyond our own spiritual health, the role of prayer in our marriages and families is of utmost importance. When we seek God together as couples and families, we seek the one who has knit us together and knows all about us. He is faithful to guide, comfort, and encourage us as we journey through this life together. If we seek Him, He is faithful to answer. So, pray for your spouse with consistency, honesty, and love. And pray with your spouse for unity, vision, and wisdom. The Lord is eager to meet with you, so go and meet with Him! 

For further reading check out The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Husband by Stormie Omartian.