Enjoying Your Marriage Again

Couples often lose satisfaction in their marriage because they seek happiness in other pursuits. To restore the joy in your marriage, you must intentionally celebrate the gift God has given you in your spouse.

June 27, 2021

Sermon Notes

Your marriage’s health is contingent upon the joy you put into making it right.

Nurture Your Marriage (5:15-19)

  • The healthiest marriages are those where spouses eagerly prioritize one another’s needs.
  • Something needs adjusting in your marriage if it isn’t presently replenishing one another.

Flee Forbidden Relationships (5:20)

  • If your reasonable thirsts are quenched within marriage, you are less likely to settle for contaminated water elsewhere.
  • Seeking satisfaction from anyone other than your spouse is a recipe for thorough devastation.

Acknowledge God’s Presence (5:21)

  • A refusal to acknowledge God’s perspective on your marriage is an indicator of your genuine spiritual condition.
  • Consider what God would change in your marriage and prioritize it above all else.

Consider the Consequences (5:22-23)

  • Sin’s intention for you is to entrap you progressively.
  • Many families fall apart because one member refuses to practice discipline in the areas that matter most.