When We Give Together

As the people commit to keeping the covenant, they also agree to fund the temple’s financial requirements. When we give together, we join our generous offerings and stand amazed at what God does through aligned efforts.

November 13, 2022

Sermon Notes

Recap: The first half of Nehemiah has to do with rebuilding a wall, and the second half has to do with rebuilding a people.

Nehemiah’s Example

  • The people of God thought it necessary to identify by name those who were committed to God’s work and those who were not (10:1-27).
  • God’s people ought to be recognizable by their beliefs and behavior (10:28-29).
  • They vowed not to marry people of other faith commitments (10:30).
  • They vowed not to allow the surrounding cultures to influence how they spent their time (10:31).
  • They vowed to contribute financially to the work of the temple so that all could experience peace with God (10:32-39).

Our Response

  • My Association: Anonymous Christianity defrauds you and others of growth.
  • My Relationships: You cannot walk with God well if your closest relationships go in the opposite direction.
  • My Time: If your schedule doesn’t prioritize the things of God, it’s because another god is directing your time. 
  • My Finances: Refusing to give to Kingdom efforts enslaves you and robs others.

When we give together, we prove that we value God more than anything else.